Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long Overdue!!

So, with life slowing down a bit, I figured I better take a moment to update on our busy lives. It is amazing how life flies by. The kids are growing by leaps and I can't believe our military career is at its close. We retire from the Navy January 2011.

David is busy with work, finishing his master's degree in Organizational Leadership, and teaching the teen class at church.

Darian is in her sophomore year at Central Kitsap High School, doing photography and key club, and busy learning to drive with her permit.

Jayce is in the 6th grade, is very interested in any form of martial arts, and is still a lover, not a fighter.(Don't tell him I said that).

Shaila is in 4th grade, loves to "primp", and lives for playing outside even though it gets dark at 4:30 every night.

Me, well, I have been busy healing. God is so good. I tend to still have some memory loss, I get dizzy some, and this next week I start physical therapy for my balance.I don't have another MRI until this summer.

This Thanksgiving was quiet enjoyable. For the first time ever, we had just the five of us! It was very relaxing. We went to see the movie, The Blind Side following our feast!

Christmas was very relaxing and now with the new year here, we are ready to get going!! We hope that your new year brings you great things!